© Yuri Kozyrev / Noor
© Tomas Van Hourtryve / VII Mentor
© Geert Van Kesteren
© Sergey Ponomarev
© Georges Mérillon
© Eric Bouvet
© Tomas Van Houtryve / VII Mentor
© Raphaël Gaillarde
© Alexandra Boulat / VII

The International Photojournalism Center

The International Photojournalism Center’s mission is to defend, valorize and develop the professions of photojournalism, essential to the preservation of our collective memory, the writing of our history and the defense of the freedom of expression in the world. It’s database features mainly reportages that can also be seen on our website. These reportages come with additional information (biographies, introductions, publications, videos…) and links to other websites where further detail on the photographer or the event can be found. Since no photographs can be downloaded, the database includes links to contacts for photographers and agencies. The database is updated daily and we happily welcome the photographers who wish to entrust their work to the CIP.​